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We are so happy you have joined us. We are thrilled to launch our amazing concept and to share with you the same joy we have experienced in providing Little Pnuts only the best for play helping them to experience the idea of ““.

For Little Pnuts it’s important that children learn through play. Too many times we’ve heard about a child being bored within minutes, or having lack of focus or just not knowing how to imagine or dream. What happened to the days of old when like we, as children, would sit up in a tree, pretending we were out in space, flying our amazing spaceship and discovering worlds far, far away? Or turning the backyard bushes, plants and trees into a restaurant serving “leaf & berry soup”, “leaf salad” and “mud pies” for dessert? Have those days gone with the dawn of technology, video games and cable TV? We hope not.

We aim to bring those days of old back to the present. We want to help you bring the concept of “” back to your Little Pnuts every day experience. With the best quality of toys that allow your Little Pnut to make their ideas come to life. To make their toys come to life. Not with a battery or a cable, but with their imagination, creativity and a little determination.

We invite you, the mentor, the loved one, the parent, to join us here each week to discuss topics of interest concerning your Little Pnuts experience with their Special Delivery. We also invite you to share images of your Little Pnuts at play. We’d love to feature them on our Flickr Feed on the home page, to show other parents, how wonderful a little imagination can be.

Again, we thank you for being a part of a community that truly cares about how their Little Pnuts play. We hope that we can bring your Little Pnuts many years of fun!

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