Our Idea

Do you remember the days when you would wait anxiously by the door knowing that you were about to get your monthly subscription of books? Do you remember how excited you were when you received a card in the mail? Maybe even a letter from a pen pal or better yet, a secret admirer?

In today’s society we seem to have taken for granted those simple childhood joys. With the “faster than a speeding bullet” advancement of technology, we have quickly moved away from the written letter, the signed card and the care package of books, gifts or toys. We now send email, text messages and electronic greeting cards.

During the 2011 Holiday season, Melissa, our founder, watched in delight as her childs face lit up with every holiday card that came to the house. “Is that for me?” he would ask, and so as not to disappoint he was told yes “May I open it, all by myself?” he would ask, and he would be allowed. Tearing open the card he would stare long and hard and keep looking at it, over and over…for days, and always with the biggest smile she had ever seen.

With that look of excitement it dawned on Melissa that there was a need to give her child that little bit of happiness and joy when the postman came. She would send Boo cards, his baby brothers birth announcement, his very own Holiday Card, just to see that happy little face again and again.

It was this past holiday season, 2011 that the idea of Little Pnuts was born. Why not a toy subscription company for children? A Special Delivery with educational toys, organic toys and sustainably made toys that would come to them every season, for the child to open and enjoy, “All by himself!”

So we did just that, we created Little Pnuts. Providing you, the parent, grandparent or friend, the opportunity to give your child that same joy. We do the research and find you the best-made toys in the world, and we aren’t exaggerating.

So on that note, we invite you to bring that joy to your Little Pnut with an annual subscription to Little Pnuts.



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