Our Mission

With Little Pnuts we hope to get children back into imagination, creativity and play. We want children to get up off the couch, step from behind a computer, turn off the television and find accomplishment in playtime.

Today’s world is facing the challenges of childhood obesity rising at an alarming rate. We are seeing a huge rise in illiteracy. We often see people so connected electronically that they have forgotten to disconnect and once again engage, with life.

We aim to provide families the tools to do just that. Disconnect from technology and engage with one another; to play with one another and in turn teach and learn from one another. In essence bring childhood back to the idea of “imagine.create.play.”

We believe that the foundation of a society with a conscience starts with our children. If we teach our children the fundamentals of caring for our environment, our imprint on the earth and respect for one another then perhaps our world will become a much brighter place.

For Little Pnuts, this teaching and learning begins here, with quality, earth friendly toys.



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