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July 6, 2014 – CBS THE TALK: Million Dollar Baby Shower Show

” Latest and greatest gadgets, gear and treats that mother and child will love…”





December 3, 2013 – WWLTV Eyewitness Morning News -New Orleans Moms Blog connects local mothers for advice, comfort. .

“…products we love…”




August 16, 2013 – NBC KSL5 Utah, Studio 5 Toys that Inspire Imagination Segment, with Moms Best Network, Tana Hallows.

“…A moms dream…Little Pnuts takes the guess work out of everything and provides a special curated box of some of the most amazing toys…this is the best thing I have seen for a mom of One or a mom of Five….it doesn’t matter it’s simply amazing!…”




July 2014-Lead Like the Reigning Women of the South “…Beese launched Little Pnuts in 2012, a quarterly subscription service that delivers eco-friendly, sustainably made toys that are handpicked specifically to help children reach each developmental milestone.…”


AskMissAApril 17, 2014  “.. Not only does Little Pnuts support the advancement of healthy and happy children, but Melissa has also made community development an important part of her mission. To fulfill, ship, and warehouse Little Pnuts’ deliveries, the company depends on the services of Lighthouse Louisiana. This not-for-profit organization provides members of the blind and visually-impaired community with access to “workforce development, independent living, and visual rehabilitation services…”

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February 2, 2014 – Top Boxes: Subscription Services for New Parents- Handpicked Toys for Your Baby’s Development “…Finding time to eat lunch is hard with a new baby at home, which means the task of researching and buying the best toys for him or her is next to impossible. Luckily, Little Pnuts will do all of that for you. …”


NolaWoman.Com LogoAugust 2013 – Imagine, Create, and Play with Momtrepreneur Melissa Bossola Beese – “Beese also recommended letting your child explore and learn for himself or herself, as a child’s resulting sense of accomplishment, independence, and pride is the key to confidence…”



August 2013 (Australia)- TOY SURPRISES– “Little Pnuts combines the thrill of receiving a parcel with the desire to provide kids with thoughtful, well-made toys and games that encourage little brains to stretch and grow…”



June 2013-A Peek at Motherhood
 “…In recognizing the need and desire of people to have access to these toys I developed Little Pnuts. Little Pnuts allows parents to skip the research to learn about what toys were designed for specific milestones and then search to find said toys, we provide both the service and the toys in accordance with the development phases of children…”


April 2013-Women Entrepreneurs, Special Deliveries, And The Trends They Are Shaping “…specialized to intersect with the developmental milestones children should be hitting during the infant, toddler, and preschool stages…”


Feb 2013  Issue-Care packages: The subscription craze “Educational, eco-conscious toys geared to enhance motor,cognitive, social and verbal skills…”



Dec/Jan 2013  Issue- Special Delivery  “For Brainy Babes…”


January 2013 Issue  – 10 Subscription Box Services for Moms & Kids  “…the toys are all made of natural materials and battery-free, which mean they’ll inspire the natural creativity and imagination of your little one.”



December 29, 2012  “The Best Parenting Inspiration of 2012.”


July 15, 2012  “When Melissa Bossola Beese’s first son was born 14 weeks prematurely, she was plunged into a crash course in children’s developmental milestones…”


June 18, 2012  “America is facing the challenges of childhood obesity rising at alarming rates. Most children would rather sit playing video games over actively playing with educational toys. That’s why Melissa Pia Bossola Beese, mom of 2, decided to provide parents the tools to disconnect from technology and engage in play with this amazing quarterly toy subscription service called Little Pnuts…”



July 11, 2012 “We’re a little enamored with the minds who dreamed up BabbaBox, Kiwi Crate, and brand-new eco-toy service Little Pnuts, and after you check them out, you will be, too!…”


June 12, 2012  “If play is the work of a child, then knowing which toys to put in front of him is your job…”






July 31, 2014  
“…The toys are perfect.  Perfect for her to play on her own, perfect for me to join her when I have time.  The educational value in these toys is what really gets me.  Not only are they cute and brightly colored, they have a purpose.  They challenge Georgia, while still keeping it fun and interesting.  I also really appreciate the fact that these are not things she will play once or twice and lose interest.  They are challenging enough to keep her coming back while still completely age appropriate.…”


July 28, 2014  
“…This toy subscription is so much more than a box of toys. It gave my little girl the opportunity to play with well-made, quality toys that were meant for her exact developmental age. This box of toys was just what I needed as a mom to make sure that my little one was engaged in play and not technology!.…”


July 28, 2014  
“…The toys are multi-purpose. For being non-battery-operated and not a television (ha!), my toddler was glued to them for extended periods of time due to their interactivity. These “toys” are actually teaching tools, encouraging my child to learn through play…”


May 20, 2014  
“…As a homeschooling mom with a background in Early Childhood Education, I know that play is important. It is how young children learn about everything in their world. It is truly the work of childhood. I love that Little Pnuts provides developmentally appropriate activities right to your door! This makes it easy for busy parents to provide their little ones with quality age appropriate toys and games. I can see us playing with our box for years to come! …”


AustinMomsMay 2, 2014  “…The verdict: Two incredible thumbs up. My life has felt very “If-it’s-not-a-princess-toy-don’t-even-bother” lately and it was thrilling to see Caroline light up with joy for toys that stimulated her mind…”



April 30, 2014  
“…The teacher in me loves that Little Pnuts takes the time to choose toys that are developmentally appropriate and customized based on the recipient’s age and gender.  And the mama in me loves that my little guy got a HUGE smile on his face after opening up this package full of amazingness picked just for him…”


Jacksonville-MomsApril 28, 2014  “…So I’m starting to think that Little Pnuts really knows what they are doing. Evan loved both the surprise shipment and the all of the toys. I didn’t spend hours researching. Nothing was made from plastic. Also, all of the toys either engaged us as a family or let the Evan play in creative and imaginative ways…”


CityMomsBlogN_LogoApril 26, 2014  “…My girls have spent hours collectively playing with their new toys and games from this past Little Pnuts shipment.  It was a huge hit…” 




BatonRougeApril 25, 2014  “…Another wonderful aspect of Little Pnuts Special Deliveries, is that they  are great for children with special needs—Little Pnuts currently works with children with Autism, Down Syndrome and Low Muscle Tone, along with children who are deaf and blind to curate “Special Deliveries” specifically designed to assist them in reaching appropriate developmental milestones…”



WestValleyMomsApril 22, 2014  “…This subscription would be a wonderful gift for the mothers-to-be in your lives, birthday presents, or a way for grandparents to send their grandkids a surprise from time to time! I highly recommend them and suggest it …”



MissFrugalMommyApril 19, 2014  “…I was impressed with our Little Pnuts box before even receiving it, knowing that it would be filled with quality and eco-friendly products perfect for my three year old son. Upon opening our first box, I was instantly blown away and shocked by how much was included in the box. This subscription box was packed full of bright, colorful and quality products that had my son squealing with excitement…”



Simple-Moms-LogoApril 1, 2014  “.. Every quarter, Little Pnuts goes in search of toys that will match those developmental milestones your precious peanut is making. You pick the age appropriate box and decide if you want an annual or monthly subscription that will include 3-5 toys every quarter. If you think about it, they are hitting a new milestone every few months, their toys need to grow with them.…”



mommysplurgeFebruary 15, 2014  “…I enjoyed the curation and my son has a new favorite toy that has already sparked a lot of conversation and fun play. I think this is a solid subscription box that isn’t going to disappoint with odd or inappropriate choices as I sometimes get in other boxes. I also like the idea of getting a quarterly box that has more expensive but more valuable toys that will last much longer than cheap plastic ones.…”



June 4, 2013  “…I was completely impressed with the package of goodies that I found. It was a whole different set of toys than what my children are used to. It was nice to be able to completely interact with them with each toy, and not just have something lighting up or making noise…..”



May 22, 2013  “…I would strongly recommend this box service to anyone looking for something fun and exciting for their kids or even for a gift …”




May 11, 2013  “…Now we don’t have to search the world to find the best green toys because Little Pnuts has done the tedious job for all moms. Bringing the highest quality toys, Little Pnuts is definitely a subscription you would not want to miss …”




April 30, 2013 –MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR LITTLE ONES– “…the full scoop on who’s who and which boxes are our favorites! …”





April 5, 2013  “…You’ll not only be happy that your child is using both his imagination and creativity at play, but that your purchases are also going towards helping our environment and children in need …”




March 21, 2013  “…I love that it grows with your child as you can use their delivery system from birth to 5 years old. I think this is a great way to keep your little one stimulated and help them learn and grow through play! …”



March 7, 2013  “…Melissa Pia Bossola Beese is Elizabeth Street’s favorite kind of momtrepreneur…”



March 6, 2013  “…Little Pnuts selects the highest quality toys and delivers them to your child 4 times a year.They work with great companies to find the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys …”


February 11, 2013  ” The majority of subscription box companies are delivered monthly, but Little Pnuts is set on a quarterly schedule, taking their time to review and test their product selections to ensure that the highest quality items are chosen and delivered to your door every three months …”


December 30, 2012  ” As a parent I want the best for my children and want to give them opportunities to use their imaginations, learn, create and play everyday in lots of different ways. One way is by giving them toys and games that foster that play. I know I’m not the only parent that feels that way and that’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to a great toy company called Little Pnuts …”


December 29, 2012  “This is great for parents to give their children or family and friends who aren’t close that want to send something special. I love these products & the entire idea behind Little Pnuts & you will too …”




December 2012 Issue/December 5, 2012 Online  “Need a Gift Idea…A Little Pnuts box is filled with unique toys to help your child reach developmental milestones …”



December 7, 2012- The holiday gift idea that keeps giving…  “3-5 eco-friendly toys all aimed to promote learning & development perfect for kids who love to learn and be engaged …”


December 3, 2012  “Whether you are an adult or child getting a package in the mail is exciting and this week I was excited to receive a special delivery from Little Pnuts...My first impression was “Wow”! …”



December 2, 2012 -Gifts That Give All Year- “For all the new moms to find gifts for this holiday season, Little Pnuts sends a box of “the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys. We don’t offer battery operated toys, nor the traditional big brand market toy.” Every 3 months, the gifted one will receive a shipment with 3-5 of the best toys for your kids …”


November 27, 2012  “Each box is specifically designed to foster all that is pure about childhood – the sense of wonder and excitement, the imagination inspiring toys and games and the milestone markers that help your child make the most of their playtime.  You won’t find trinkets and junk in the boxes, only the best quality items that are made to be played with and loved. …”


November 21, 2012  “Experts have come together to make sure that each of Little Pnuts’ subscribers are receiving the best of the best when it comes to educational toys. On Holidays, your child will receive themed toys to bring in some cheer. Even on your child’s birthday, they will throw in something extra special!…”



November 23, 2012  “If you are a fan of toys that inspire creativity, imagination and fun, this is the company for you!  They handpick the most fabulous toys for your little one.  Starting at birth through the toddler years, Little Pnuts sends you eco-friendly, organic, toxic-free toys …”



November 19, 2012  “As we peeled back the tissue paper, I was in shock! The amount of beautiful toys that they were able to fit in the box was astounding and the quality was amazing!…”



November 15, 2012  “…I looked at their milestones listed on their site, and was worried that a 3-year-old box would be too advanced for Davey because of his developmental delays.  I requested a 24-30 months box actually, and it wound up being perfect!…”



November 12, 2012  “Toys with good bones are built to last- made of sturdy materials that will hold up to many hours of play.  They are attractive yet simply designed…less details leave more room for imagination and improvisation.  Toys with lots of “bells and whistles” can actually limit your child’s creativity, in turn limiting the opportunities for stimulating play…”


November 11, 2012  “Little Pnuts’ boxes contain awesome toys for fun and to encourage creative play. A great subscription option for little peanut’s aged 0-5 years old. I’m sure you and your little one will enjoy it…”



November 10, 2012  “As a teacher, I love that the products included in the packages are chosen with a child’s development in mind. As a mom, I could not wait to open our special delivery and see what was inside! Opening the box was exciting and I can see preschool kids really getting into the excitement of receiving and opening a package…”


November 7, 2012  “…one of the really great things about Little Pnuts is that they are one step ahead of me. They take into consideration the child’s stage of development and provide quality products that enhance their current stage and help to bring about advancing to the next stage. I’m also introduced to toys that I might otherwise overlook…”


November 4, 2012  “We love our first Little Pnuts Special Delivery!  Everything included was top quality and will last for years.  No two things were alike and each product encourages basic skills and fun.  Their motto of “Imagine. Create. Play.” definitely comes through with each handpicked toy in the special delivery….”


November 4, 2012  “I don’t want to totally blow the surprise (Because i think parents are just as excited for the opening as the kiddo!!), but know that these are great items, quality, improve value and safe!…”


October 17, 2012  “One word sums up this company…fantastic!  The toys they picked were top quality, educational (most important to me) and fun (most important to the boys).   They are durable, brightly colored and the boys don’t even realize they are learning since they are playing “games”…”


October 15, 2012  “Initially I signed up for our just turned 4-year-old and our 21 month old. After our September Special Deliveries arrived, I was so impressed I signed up our other two kids…..”


October 13, 2012  “As a developmental specialist and conscientious parent (and playmate!),  I appreciate toys that are durable, beautiful, and timeless.  I want toys in my home that encourage imaginative play, concentration, cognitive/language development, fine/gross motor involvement, or all of the above….”


September 25, 2012  “I really love the quality of these toys and the imaginative and educational values they provide. Little Pnuts also ships low-carbon, which I feel every company should do!  Bottom line, I highly recommend this subscription if you love quality toys and love to see your child’s face light up when they get a Special Delivery…”



September 17, 2012  “It’s by far one of the best quality boxes we’ve come across; the box itself {the packaging} AND the contents…Everything within is educational toy heaven fit for enhancing one milestone after another!…”



September 13, 2012  “One of my favorite things is getting a package delivered to my door.  What makes it even sweeter is when it is unexpected.  Little Pnuts provides the best of those things in one great site!  I LOVE what they offer…”




September 11, 2012  “These are definitely high value  boxes that are selected with care and knowledge.  The toys won’t disappoint both child and parent…”



September 7, 2012  “Baby Crawfish loves the toys! I am not sure what it is about it. They are classic toys, mostly wooden. There is nothing that sings, lights up or moves on its own. But it captures her attention and curiosity more than the toys that do all of those things!…”


September 7, 2012  “Little Pnuts makes it so easy to make sure that your kids have the perfect toys to inspire them to be creative and have fun… And they make it easier for your to enjoy time with your little ones instead of taking the time to research and find appropriate toys. Overall, Little Pnuts subscriptions are a great purchase and I definitely recommend them to anyone with little ones!…”


 August 19, 2012  “When I found toy company, Little Pnuts, I was excited… to say the least. Through an annual subscription, Little Pnuts, expertly chooses toys based on your child’s age and ships them directly to your front door every month. Each toy is educationally and age-appropriate, organic, and sustainably made. I’m thrilled with the box we received…”



August 17, 2012  “Have you heard about Little Pnuts yet? It’s a new quarterly subscription box that sends you the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys. …”


August 16, 2012-Part 2 :: Brainy Toys for Girls & Boys “Have you ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed by choices when trying to buy a toy that’s both educational and age appropriate or underwhelmed by the quality of the toys found in mainstream toy stores?  If so, I highly recommend giving Little Pnuts a try. ….”

August 13, 2012-Part 1 :: Like a Best Friend in the Toy Biz– “One of the best things about Little Pnuts is how targeted the toys are to your child’s age.  Anyone who has a baby knows that there is a world of difference in what is appealing and appropriate for a 6 month old versus a 10 month old and those few months make a huge difference…”


August 9, 2012 “The toys that arrive at your door are all multi-dimensional, constantly challenging children to get to the next level.  They enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop focus and concentration.  Let’s not forget that in the midst of all these developmental milestones, your child will still be having fun!…”


August 7, 2012 “Little Pnuts brings you the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys— all shipped right to your door!…”


July 30, 2012 “As soon as I opened up the toys for baby G, he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them and try them all. He sat in our living room for what seemed like hours playing with them. I like that these toys really focus on his hand and eyes coordination. He was able to learn about how to take things apart or putting them back together while having fun…..”


July 26, 2012 “I have to say that my favorite thing about all of these toys is that there are no gimmicks with them and they encourage my children to use their imagination unlike many other toys on the market today…”


July 23, 2012 “So many factors come into play when purchasing the first toys of a baby or toddler’s life. Gender, age, likes, and stimulation level are just a few. No pressure, but the results can have a huge effect on your wee one’s cognitive and social development…”


July 10, 2012  “Eco-Friendly Toy Subscriptions – Little Pnuts Sends Your Children an Exciting Surprise Each Quarter…”


July 9, 2012 “For children, the excitement and surprise of getting a new toy is just as special as the toy itself, and the company Little Pnuts aims to bring that classic, simple childhood joy…”


July 9, 2012  “In this era of electronic and battery-operated toys, we’ve already seen a few efforts to “push back” with toys that are more sustainable and kid-powered instead. Now, New Orleans-based Little Pnuts is taking that premise a step further…”


June 21, 2012  “…These innovative and educational toys are designed to draw youngsters and parents away from technology. They don’t offer battery operated or big brand market toys, instead choosing companies that care about how kids imagine, create, and play…”



June 15, 2012 “Little Pnuts has a strong goal to get children back into imagination, creativity and play. The founder, Melissa, strives to get children off the couch, step away from the computer, turn off the television and find accomplishment in playtime…”


June 15, 2012 “…a great new subscription toy company called Little Pnuts – it’s totally geared towards toy snobs like me!…”




June 12, 2012“…Outsource help from Little Pnuts, a new toy subscription service that sends developmentally appropriate playthings to your home four times a year…”


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June 29, 2012 Green Air Project Press Release



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Brazil – August 22, 2012 “Na era dos brinquedos tecnológicos, uma empresa dos Estados Unidos resolveu apostar em opções mais  sustentáveis. A Little Pnuts, de New Orleans, oferece um serviço de assinatura trimestral, que envia brinquedos ecológicos, orgânicos e sem o uso de bateria para crianças de até cinco anos…”


Brazil – August 10, 2012 “Dentro da nova tendência de recriar o clima lúdico de brinquedos bem longe do conceito high tech, a Little Pnuts, empresa sediada em Nova Orleans, nos Estados Unidos, funciona como uma curadora para pais que procuram produtos ecológicos, orgânicos e feitos de materiais naturais, sem o uso de baterias, para seus filhos…”



Brazil – July 27, 2012  “Os responsáveis pela empresa se dizem pais tão preocupados como quaisquer outros e eles fazem uma pesquisa pelo planeta atrás dos brinquedos mais excepcionais que estimulam a imaginação, criatividade e diversão…”


Brazil – July 26, 2012  “A ideia é fazer com que os pequenos desenvolvam a criatividade, a imaginação ea diversão. Essa iniciativa é muito válida porque apesar de a tecnologia ser muito útil em nossas vidas, ela também acaba nos afastando do contato pessoal com pessoas e objetos…”


Russia – July 19, 2012  “Авторы данной бизнес идеи утверждают, что, несмотря на обилие электронных игрушек, их механические аналоги для малышей более привлекательны и, к тому же, способствуют интенсивному умственному и физическому развитию детей…”


England – July 11, 2012 “……and the next logical step is a toy subscription for kids… Forget your electronic computerised video gamery and your Angry Birds – get your nippers involved with some wooden trains and stuff….”


England – June 27, 2012  “The Little Pnuts Special Delivery service is a subscription that provides your child with beautiful toys curated specifically to meet your baba’s developmental milestones…”‘


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