Social Efforts

Little Pnuts is proud to announce that with our March 2013 Special Deliveries we have partnered with Lighthouse Louisiana to help fulfill each of your Little Pnuts Special Deliveries. We believe that giving back to others is the key to a positive world for future generations of Little Pnuts everywhere – we are excited to say that this partnership does exactly that.

“The Lighthouse for the Blind is a not for profit organization dedicated to serving the blind and visually impaired community by providing quality products, services, and opportunities for independence.  In addition to a core, modern manufacturing operation that employs people with visual impairments, we offer a range of work-force development, independent living, and visual rehabilitation services.”

You can learn more about this fabulous organization by clicking here: Lighthouse Louisiana.

As a company, Little Pnuts prides itself on aligning itself with the best partners with whom we can bring awareness to several aspects of protecting our Little Pnuts and our Earth. In doing so we are proud to say that we have partnered with UPS to bring your Little Pnuts Special Deliveries to your door with the use of their Carbon Neutral shipping. We aim to help keep our earth as clean and carbon free as possible for future generations of Little Pnuts everywhere.





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