It’s the perfect weather for outdoor water play. Stay cool in the hot summer sun while introducing your Little Pnuts to the joy of fishing. A great game of strategy while encouraging concentration and focus. Perfect for a play date or for individual play, Fishing for Ping Pong Balls, will get your Little Pnuts excited about splashing around!











What You Will Need

  • Ping Pong Balls (as many or as few as you like) 
  • Something to fish with like a butterfly or bug net or a kitchen strainer with a handle or even slotted spoon would work.
  • A body of water. Think kiddie pool, bathtub, water table or large plastic container.

Set Up

Fill your designated container with water and drop in a few ping pong balls. We found that the ‘more the merrier’ in respect to the ping pong balls was especially true for this activity. Give your Little Pnut his fishing gear of choice. We used a kiddie sized butterfly net but a kitchen strainer with a handle works great too.

Let Them Fish!

See how many ping pong balls they can catch. Have them count them with you.  If your Little Pnut is capable, challenge them to catch a particular number of ping pong balls. If you happen to have different colors of ping pong balls have them catch balls of a certain color. Ours were all white so we focused on making this a counting activity. For the littlest of Little Pnuts it’s great hand-eye coordination just for them to catch the ping pong balls and throw them back in the water.


Happy Playing!


Developmental Milestones:

This activities focuses on the following Developmental Milestones for your Little Pnuts:

Gross Motor Skill Development, Fine Motor Skills, Focus and Concentration, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Cognitive Development, Coordination, Cooperative Play, Group Play and Individual Play.

—Jennifer Haas, founder of Plain Vanilla Mom.

What a better way to celebrate Earth Day, everyday, than by creating an activity with recyclables with your Little Pnut?  Don’t toss those cardboard boxes to the curb…save them up and create some Giant Duct Tape Building Blocks instead!





What You Will Need

  • A variety of sturdy cardboard boxes in different sizes. Diaper boxes work great for this activity as do Little Pnut Special Delivery Boxes.
  • Several rolls of duct tape (we used a few different primary colors)


Creating the Blocks

To create your blocks, simply wrap each cardboard box tightly and evenly with duct tape. The duct tape adds enough stability so that if your boxes were sturdy to begin with, younger Little Pnuts can actually climb on them!


These fun, mega-sized blocks have infinite possibilities.  Younger Little Pnuts will enjoy exploring the physical properties of the blocks by pushing, climbing, stacking, and sitting on them.  Older Little Pnuts can add to the fun by building towers and using the blocks for imaginative play.  Build some walls and drape a blanket across the top for a totally awesome fort!  If you’ve used different colors, engage your Little Pnut in some fun color learning activities with the blocks.  Building with blocks of any size is an excellent early math activity as well.


Developmental Milestones:

This activities focuses on the following Developmental Milestones for your Little Pnuts:

Cognitive Development, Gross Motor Skill Development, Focus and Concentration, Sensory Exploration, Imaginative Play


—Stephanie Haass, Little Pnuts Early Childhood Activities Expert & Blogger, founder of

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