Fall Trees

Fall has arrived and with it comes the changing of colors on the trees, a crisp coolness in the air and the change of scenery in nature. Why not bring some of those changes indoors with this creative reflection on Autumn Leaves. Seasons inspire creativity and with it the imagination!









What You Will Need

  • White Paper
  • Brown Paing
  • A Paint Brush
  • Construction Paper in various fall colors (Red, Yellow & Orange)
  • Glue

Get Set…

First paint a tree shape onto the white paper with brown paint and let it dry. Be sure to give it lots of branches (your Little Pnut will be putting leaves on these later). If you happen to have an older Little Pnut you could have them do this as part of the project. Let the tree dry completely. In our case I painted the tree during nap time so it was ready after.

While your tree is drying, tear the construction paper into little bits and set them aside. I put ours in a bowl to better contain them.


Present your Little Pnut with the tree, the bowl of leaves, and some glue. Have your little one glue the “leaves” (ie. construction paper bits) onto the tree. In our case, this was one of the first times that our Little Pnut had used a glue stick so there was a bit of learning with that. If your Little Pnut is more experienced with glue let them have at it! The possibilities are endless. Leaves on branches, leaves falling off the tree, leaves on the ground, even a huge pile of leaves. This is also a good opportunity to talk about what happens to the leaves in the fall and do a little color recognition. Most importantly have fun! Don’t forget to find the perfect spot to display your Little Pnut’s fall tree after it’s done. Little Pnuts love seeing their artwork on display.

Happy Playing!


Developmental Milestones:

This activities focuses on the following Developmental Milestones for your Little Pnuts:

Fine Motor Skills, Focus and Concentration, Strategic Thinking, Color Recognition, Number Recognition, Cognitive Development, Creative Play, Free Play, Imaginative Play.

—Jennifer Haas, founder of Plain Vanilla Mom.

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