Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive when I sign up for a subscription?

Each quarter you will receive a Special Delivery thoughtfully curated by experts to meet your Little Pnuts age and development stages. Each Special Delivery will feature 3-5 Organic, Eco-Friendly, Natural or Sustainably made toys.

What do you mean by “Quarterly”? 

Your Little Pnuts Special Delivery will be shipped every March, June, September and December.

What is Little Pnuts a quarterly plan and not a monthly plan?

We want to ensure that your Little Pnuts gain the most learning and education from the toys that we have curated specific to their milestones. Within the three months between shipments we want your Little Pnuts to learn by first engaging with the toys, than learning through playing the correct way with the toys and lastly to fall in love with the toys so they return to play with them again and again. We believe too many toys, too soon, can interrupt this learning pattern by not having enough “one-on-one” time with each toy.

How do I know which Special Delivery my Little Pnut will receive when I subscribe? 

A subscription request must be received by the 30th of the month prior to the shipping month in order to be received. For example, if we receive your subscription request on July 1st, your Little Pnuts first Special Delivery will be the September shipment.

When do you charge my credit card? 

For each of the annual paid subscriptions, gift subscriptions and Special Occasion Add-Ons, we will charge your card for the full amount at the time of your purchase, your account will auto renew on your anniversary month the following year. For the monthly paid subscriptions and monthly paid gift subscriptions we will charge your card on the 1st of each month after your initial payment at sign up**.  Your Special Delivery will be delivered each quarter. Your Special Occasion Add-On will be shipped within 10-14 days from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted by Customer Care.

**For all monthly subscriptions, if there is a balance due to meet the total of your first shipped Special Delivery we will charge that amount due on your credit card prior to shipping your first Delivery. For example, if you signed up in August (first payment $25 )and our next shipment is September, we will charge the 2 payments ($50) to bring your balance due current totaling the cost of your Delivery ($60 +$15(S&H)=$75) prior to shipping that months Special Delivery . Moving forward you would only be charged the monthly fee of $25 for the remainder of your subscription year (9 payments). 

Are there any other charges I should be aware of? 

We are required to charge Louisiana state sales tax on all annual subscriptions, gift subscriptions and Special Occasion Add-On Deliveries. We will charge your card at the time of your purchase.

Do I need to pay for shipping? 

Shipping is FREE with our annual subscriptions. For our monthly paid subscriptions shipping is included into the monthly payments. For our International paid subscriptions shipping is an additional fee. We will contact you regarding your charges prior to shipping your Special Delivery. We use USPS to ship our both US Special Deliveries and International Special Deliveries. If you need a gift and want to ensure it is received in time, please email Customer Care and we will be happy to assist you with your request.

For International Special Deliveries please allow 10-14 days from the ship date for your Little Pnuts Special Delivery to arrive. Timing will always depend on which country you live.

Do you guarantee Holiday delivery? 

Our shipping process begins the 15th of the shipping month and cannot guarantee when it will be delivered. If you would like your Special Delivery to be delivered by a certain date we do offer expedited shipping. Please contact Customer Care and we will be happy to set that up for you for an additional fee.

There was an unexpected charge on my credit card—can you explain? 

For each of the annual subscriptions, gift subscriptions and Special Occasion Add-On, we will charge your card for the full amount at the time of your purchase. For the monthly paid subscriptions and monthly paid gift subscriptions initial payment at sign up. We will e-mail you if there is a problem with your credit card at the time of purchase.  We do charge the credit card on file each year at the time of renewal, your subscriptions anniversary date. If there is a charge other than those described above please contact our Subscription Department.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. We must receive your cancellation request by the 1st of the month prior to your next shipment. Please notify us of your request by either emailing us at Customer Care or call 1.855.LIL.PNUT before that date to cancel.  If you cancel, we will refund your subscription price on a pro-rata basis.  For example, if you have received two Little Pnuts Special Deliveries at the time you cancel, we will only refund fifty percent (50%) of your annual subscription fee.  If you have received three Special Deliveries, we will only refund twenty-five percent (25%) of your annual subscription fee.

If you pay monthly and wish to cancel, we will happily do so, but we will charge your credit card the remaining balance due on any previously shipped Special Delivery.

What is your return policy? 

While we don’t accept returns on our Special Deliveries, should any of the products within the Special Delivery been damaged in shipping or defective, please email Customer Care or call 1.855.LIL.PNUT. We’ll be happy to replace those products immediately.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes! If you selected to pay the one time annual fee your subscription will renew on the first of the anniversary month in which you initially signed up. If you chose the monthly payment option, your subscription will continue until you cancel.

Do you offer discounts on multiple subscriptions.

Unfortunately at this time we do not. However, for those purchasing 3 or more subscriptions we will consider this. Please contact Customer Care.

I have twins, should I purchase two subscriptions?

This depends on you. For our Infant boxes, we would say yes. As many of the earlier toys can be used in strollers, car seats & cribs, etc. As they get older your Little Pnuts can share the toys as many of the toys & games invite social play. If you have a boy & a girl, you may want to consider getting 2 individual subscriptions as we do curate toward gender interests and gender milestone development.

When should my Little Pnut expect to receive their Special Delivery? 

Our Special Deliveries begin the shipping process on the 15th of the shipment month. Your Special Deliveries should arrive within 3 – 7 business days (US ONLY International will take longer, on average of 10-14 days) after they leave our location (depending on your location).

My Little Pnuts haven’t received their Special Delivery, I think it may be lost.

Please email Customer Care or call 1.855.LIL.PNUT and we will do our best to track your delivery and send any necessary replacement if lost.

What if I don’t feel the toys in my Special Delivery are age appropriate for my Little Pnut?

We select all the toys in our Special Deliveries in accordance with the manufacturers recommended age guidelines who follow the strict testing policies that are upheld in the USA . If you still feel your toys are not age appropriate for your Little Pnut you can either, (A) choose to hold onto those toys and provide the toy(s) to your Little Pnut when you feel they are at an appropriate age to interact with them, or, (B) send the entire Special Delivery back. Once we have received your returned Special Delivery, we will extend your Subscription by one Delivery. Please note, we can only do this once per subscription year.

Many programs similar to yours only send only sample products, what do you send in your Special Deliveries?

The toys you receive are the real deal. We do not offer samples in our boxes. The toys are not given or donated to us. We are not paid by our partner brands to feature their toys. Our toys are curated by our team and purchased. We offer only the highest quality in toys on the market. The toys we feature are either organic, eco-friendly, made using all natural materials or sustainably made. We provide your Little Pnuts only the best of the best.

Do we need to return these toys back to you after our Little Pnuts are done playing with them?

Absolutely Not. These toys are 100% yours. You paid for them, they are yours to keep. We suggest you hand them down from generation to generation as the toys we choose are in for the long haul and should last a very long time, providing many, many years of imagining, creating and playing!

May I customize the content of my Little Pnuts Special Delivery? 

We request your Little Pnuts gender and birthdate so that we may ensure the toys your Little Pnut receives are suited to the indicated preferences. We do not offer customization of your Special Delivery at this time.

May I pick which products I would like my Little Pnuts to receive in their Special Delivery? 

Each quarter, the Little Pnuts team of experts, work very hard to choose only best products for each of your Little Pnuts Special Deliveries. We like to keep the Special Delivery a true surprise, making it more fun when opening. However, by providing feedback on our blog, you can help to choose the special event products that we will occasionally feature on our site for purchase. These items are only offered to members who are currently subscribed to one of our annual programs.

What is a Special Occasion Add-On? 

A Special Occasion Add-On is only offered to our members who are currently subscribed to one of our subscription programs. We thoughtfully curate additional Special Deliveries for your Little Pnut upon receipt of request. We are diligent to ensure that your Little Pnut will receive 3-5 toys that are geared toward the Special Occasion you have described. We guarantee the selected toys will not be the same as those received in their subscription. Our Birthday Add-Ons will also feature birthday themed items that are tastefully suited to both age & gender.

Do you send cards out with your Little Pnut Special Delivery Gift Subscriptions?

Yes, all gift subscription will go out with a gift card notifying the recipient that the Special Delivery they are receiving is from you, if you indicate for us to do so upon subscribing.

If I want to purchase additional products from the brands featured in my Little Pnuts Special Delivery, where can I find them?

Each Special Delivery will include product information for each of the toys featured in that shipment. Links to our Brand Partners websites can be found on our sit. Here you may find where the products are available for purchase. 

Do you offer additional products for purchase? 

Yes. We have both an online store LittlePnutsToyShoppe.com and a brick & mortar store, Little Pnuts Toy Shoppe, in New Orleans, Louisiana. If your looking for something in particular or wish to special order something we will happily assist you. Simply call our store, 504.267.5083

Where can I provide my feedback for the products I received?

We like to keep our members happy and part of a community that interacts with our experts and helps us to choose the best toys for your Little Pnuts. We welcome any and all feedback in our blog discussions. We invite you to join us at any time.

Do you ship to Canada or Internationally? 

YES! As of our December 2012 Special Deliveries we now ship to Canada and Internationally. For International Special Delivery Subscriptions we will charge the annual fee of $240 up front when you subscribe. We will then contact you via email, within 24-hours of your purchase, to inform you of what the shipping fee will be for each Special Delivery shipment. Prior to each shipment, we will then charge the credit card provided the approved amount of your International shipping fee.I am a small manufacturer of toys. How can I submit my product for consideration into your program? We are always looking to expand our brand partners and would love to hear about your toys. Simply give us a call at 1.855.LIL.PNUTS or send an email to info@littlepnuts.com

I do not have a toy company but I think my product would be a great addition within your Special Deliveries. 

We are always looking to expand our product line and would love to hear about your product. Simply give us a call at 1.855.LIL.PNUTS or send an email to info@littlepnuts.com

I would love to do a feature on Little Pnuts (on my blog, in my magazine, on TV, etc.) whom should I contact?

We would love to help you out with that. We have a special team that we work with who is ready to provide you everything and anything you need. Simply email them at Press@LittlePnuts.com.

I am interested in advertising on Little Pnuts.

At this time we do not offer advertising on our site. However, we do offer opportunities to have your product or information included in our Special Delivery shipments. Simply email your inquiry to Advertising@LittlePnuts.com.





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