It's Not Just A Box....

We at Little Pnuts know, that receiving a Special Delivery of beautiful new toys is an amazing thing, but sometimes, the box they came in—well, that’s even more AMAZING. Why not jumpstart your Little Pnuts imagination by helping them to create something wonderful from the Special Delivery boxes they receive each quarter from Little Pnuts?

Being in a world of boxes means being in a world that lights up a rather dull day. It’s not just a plain old box, it’s a rocket ship, a race car, a house, a gas station, a castle, even a baby dolls bed. It’s a place where ideas take place, a vision, an inspiration, and then… the creativity takes over. Your Little Pnuts world broadens and expands with that one brown box. His playtime becomes more focused, patience grows, and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment is always the end result. For the parent this means hours upon hours of peaceful engaged quiet time, which at times, erupts into giggles and squeals of glee. Now what parent isn’t begging for just a little bit of this quality time in their normally hectic and rushed day?

We love that we can provide your Little Pnuts years of ““, but we’re even more thrilled that we can provide, in a simple brown box, endless hours of entertainment that comes from an idea sparked within their little brilliant minds.

It’s not just a box….It’s a beautiful and fun new world to be discovered!

For more ideas on what your Little Pnuts can do with their Special Delivery boxes follow us on Pinterest.


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