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Welcome to Little Pnuts!

 A Unique Toy Company For Your Little Pnut



We are just like you, parents who want only the best for our Little Pnuts. We’ve decided to bring to you the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys from around the world.

We Do the Work for You So You Don’t Have To!

  • We research the globe to find you exceptional toys, toys from the brands that care about how your Little Pnuts imagine, create and play.
  • Our programs feature only the newest, most innovative and highest quality toys on the market. We don’t offer battery operated toys.
  • Our toys are unique and at times exclusive and so you won’t find them in traditional super stores.

Our Special Deliveries Grow With your Little Pnuts!

  • We curate your Little Pnuts toys based on their birthdate – ensuring that your Little Pnut will be engaged and challenged by each and every Special Delivery
  • Our toys help your Little Pnuts meet their milestones through play for each 3 month phase of development.

Becoming a Member is EASY!

  • Simply provide us a few requested details about your Little Pnut 
  • We hand curate a Special Delivery featuring 3-5 toys in each shipment specific to your Little Pnut
  • Your Special Delivery will arrive in your home every 3 months – March, June, September and December




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