Lions Roar, Birds Fly and Cats Meow

‘Tis the season to head outdoors for some fun. Acting Out play is a great way to get your Little Pnuts to participate in play utilizing their imagination & creativity. Whether at the park, in the backyard or during a Little Pnut Playdate, Acting Out games, using a little imagination, creativity and silliness can provide hours of fun!



What You Will Need

  • A gathering of Little Pnuts
  • Endless Imagination


How to Play 

First have all the Little Pnuts sit in a circle.

Name an animal and the action for that animal your Little Pnut should mimic. An example would be, “Horses Gallop” Your Little Pnut would then respond by running around like a horse, galloping to and fro’. Without a doubt a roar of giggles will erupt and you’ll see all the Little Pnuts eagerly await their turn. Being that there are so many animals to imitate – Frogs hopping, Birds flying, Cats sneaking, Lions Prowling – you may never run out of ideas.

After each Little Pnut has taken a turn, have them vote on who did the best action and have that Little Pnut be the one who calls out the actions.

Variations on Play

To make it a bit more challenging have your Little Pnuts mimic the sound the animal makes in addition to imitating the action. As an example call out “Elephant, sway and say Hi”. Your Little Pnut would pretend to have a trunk, swinging is arms in front of his body and then perse his lips together and blow. Adding an additional direction allows your Little Pnut to focus, concentrate and strategize how they would do the action and sound. This allows for even more imaginative thought.

Want to create even more giggles? Change it up by throwing in a twist, have your Little Pnut mimic a Frog singing or an Elephant walking a high wire. You’ll see their minds spinning and the creativity flow as they try to create their own fun variations of what animals can do.

Happy Playing!


Developmental Milestones:

This activities focuses on the following Developmental Milestones for your Little Pnuts:

Gross Motor Skill Development, Focus and Concentration, Strategic Thinking, Cognitive Development, Coordination, Cooperative Play, Imaginative Play, Creative Play.


—Melissa Pia Bossola Beese, Mother of 2, founder of Little Pnuts.

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