Our Story

Why the Elephant in the logo, you ask? Well that is Ella, Boo’s favorite pal. Why the name Pnuts? well, Boo & Finn are Melissa’s Little Pnuts, and Boo was the littlest of them all.

Four years ago, with the birth of her first child, Boo, Melissa realized a real need for high quality, all natural, non-battery operated toys. Melissa’s son was born at 24 weeks and at only 24 ounces. Given a list of every thing that possibly could go wrong with her son, as well as, being told that he would never be the same as any “normal” child would, she set out to overcome any challenge he would ever face.

With much research, Melissa found that the everyday American toy market could not provide her with what she was looking for, attractive toys that would enhance every sensorial perspective, toys that would provide challenge, toys that would engage while providing a sense of accomplishment, toys that could be the tools to help her son learn through play. These toys did not have the bells, the lights, the music and the “do-it-for-you” buttons, these toys were made of natural materials, sustainably made, with “do-it-yourself” features.Toys that would

enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop focus and concentration.

Melissa turned to the European market and after much research, found exactly what she was looking for, toys that were organic, ecologically friendly, handmade, made of natural materials and sustainably made. Unfortunately, these toys were not easily accessible in the US but she was fortunate to have family in Europe who were more than happy to send these toys to her.

Fast forward to today, with much thanks to those beautiful natural toys, Boo is a thriving, happy, little boy who, at times, is ahead of the curve!

In 2012, Melissa, now a mother of 2, a former Advertising Executive and Marketing Professional, decided it was time to combine her former skills and her newfound admiration for high quality educational toys to develop a company that would bring these amazing toys to families here in the US.

So, with much love, we present to you, Little Pnuts.


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