Special Delivery Add Ons

With every Little Pnuts Subscription you also have the choice to order Special Occasion Delivery Add-Ons. We know that there are times in your Little Pnuts life when there is a special event or something you want to embrace and recognize. We have what you need for just those occasions.


Just Because Delivery

  • There is always a moment that you want to capture, something you want to honor, a celebration in your Little Pnuts life. Simply let us know and we’ll create a Special Delivery designed with that Special “Just Because” Occasion in mind.

Holiday Delivery

    • Holiday themed and chosen with love, we’ll bring special elements to your Holiday celebration every time.
    • Birthdays receive a little something special, we’ll include Birthday themed bonus items within each delivery.

*Please Note: Special Occasion Deliveries are offered only to our members with a paid subscription.

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